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Revelation Sight and Sound has long been my favourite PC video editing program for primary schools, thus neatly sidesteping the iMovie debate for now, as it was written by ecucationalists for learners, unlike many other titles. Another boon of the programme was the manual. Now it’s not oftern that a manual to a piece of software can be described as a bonus, but this one was clear, concise, used the language of film, TVĀ  and radio and could easily be used as a lesson planning tool.

However, after ringing to find out the latest prices I found out that REM, the distributors, have stopped selling it as there were technical issues (mainly around networking) and no sign of these being resolved.

I suspect the answer to the lack of development is the change of direction of Logotron since several key members of staff left, but that does leave me with no immediate answer to the ‘what software would you recommend to…..’ question.

Movie Maker is free and adequate, but no more than that.

Most video recorders come with a software that could be used, but are often don’t have a resource bank of images to acess and are somtimes over complicated.

Textease Video is one that many schools have as it is part of the Softease Studio package. I must confess to not having used it all that much, so something to rectify there, but as long as it delivers the goods- and Softease packages do that- then this would seem to be one to use. It’s generally already been bought and it will look and feel like the rest of the tools in the range.

I will set aside time this week to do in Softease video what I’ve been doing for ages in RSS and see how I get on. Watch this space.

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