Improving Pupils’ Learning Through Technology.





I’m Paul Wright and I’m the Director of WrightICT.

I taught for many years in both Junior High and Primary Schools in Kingston upon Hull.

I became interested in using computers in education way back in the days of the BBC Micro when programs were loaded by tape and it took forever.

I was IT Co-ordinator at two Hull primary schools and in 1996 was seconded to the Local Authority as Curriculum Support Teacher. The job title went through a number of changes but basically remained the same: assisting teacher to use ICT to improve the learning for their pupils. These days I prefer the eLearning Tag as it doesn’t get pigeonholed into the ‘Tech Silo’.

I left the Local Authority in December 2011 and set up my new venture.

I aim to provide a quality support service to schools to assist teachers, Teaching Assistants, SLTs and, not least, pupils to make the most of existing and emerging technologies.

As well as my business, I also teach Computing at a Hull Primary School 1.5 days a week.