Twitter and Parental Communication

Whilst discussing the uses of Twitter over a light lunch last week it struck me that a school could make effective use of it as a communication tool with parents to keep them updated.

I know schools have their website and/or the Learning Platform, but Twitter offers the facility to have the information pushed to parents, rather than them having to go and find it and a quick tweet might be a valuable extra method of communication…. and it’s free.

Obviously, the parents will need to have signed up and decided to ‘follow’ the school, as the parlance goes, but I can see some milage in this. Parents would get the update automatically and the school ‘Tweeter In Chief’ could update from their phone if they choose.

Any thoughts, or someone willing to give this a try?

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  1. Eddy Calvert says:

    Sounds like a good idea Paul. I may have a go at knocking up a letter for parents explaining how to create an account and then create a school account with permission from AB of course. It would be interesting to see if many sign up and post.

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