My First Place

My First Place does seem to have been a worthwhile addition to the product. I’m still going through a period of uncertaintly about where I’d stop using the Early Years interface and move to My First Place, but to quote a poster I saw on a wall in a learning platform supplier’s office: ‘We are all learning about learning platforms.”

It’s perhaps a shame that you can’t pop MFP into the Early Years interface, but as it began life as a separate product entirely it can’t be done, I’ve been told. However, it does mean that you can offer pupils MFP and slowly add other items into the course as and when and give young learners gentle incermental steps into the facilities available in its.

I have set up a trial account for people to view at Username mfp.hc Password mfp

Instructions on how to set it up for your school are on the Hull dashbaord as you log in to its

Please feel free to comment about MFP on this blog.

This account is a pupil account, so you won’t be able to alter the page content. All you can do is change the theme/skin.

My next job is to set aside a block of time and learn how to alter how MFP looks to the pupils. I know you can add/delete/change the boxes to make them more relevant to your topic. Just haven’t sat down and worked out how yet. Maybe a topic for a webinar?

Speaking of the webinars,,,, I signed up for the one last week about using the Discussion Tool to engage pupils. It was very useful and informative and I had the undivided attention of the tutor as I was the only participant! If you can spare 30 mins now and then to take part, I think you’ll find it time well spent.

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