I’ve just (4.0 pm on Feb 10th) sat throught the AFL webinar from it’s learning and how Blogs can be used for AFL and improving writing.  Very informative and got me thinking that blogs could be used quite easily to encourage writing and peer review.

If there’s anyone interested in trying this with pupils, I’d be only too hapy to assist.

Another suggestion in the webinar was tweaking the permissions in the assignment settings to allow peer marking. I guess that at the moment it’s the teacher who marks the work. Why not let the pupils comment? It’s something that’s done offline, why not use the technology and allow comments online?

Don’t forget, that this webinar will be in the Knowledge Exchange very soon. Details on how to access this on the Hull dashboard as you log in.

Why blog? See this attachment for some reasons why and some web sites to view.


Update 16th Feb.

You might have seen the recent press and TV coverage of David Mitchell, Deputy Head of Heathfield Primary in Bolton who largely attributes the rise in L5 English from 9% to 63% in 12 months as due to the introduction of blogging. See his blog here and listen to his 5Live interview here.

To view his Y6 pupils blog, click here and to read an article on The Indepentent website, click here.

 Other Useful Blogs I’ve Bumped Into

Dawn Hallybone’s blog

Tim Rylands


I saw this quote on the Heathfield Primary blog whilst browsing.

“Before Mr.Mitchell came to our school, we always wrote in books and hardly used the computers. But ever since Mr. Mitchell has come its different. Blogging is a way to show off your work to the the world, instead of the same teacher all the time. You get comments, which really makes a different, and the comments help you improve, because sometimes they are advice. Plus, blogging has had a ‘HUGE’ impact on my learning, and to other pupils at Heathfield too. I recommend blogs for other schools too, and Im sure they would enjoy it. Thanky ou for reading”.

By Maryam

If that isn’t a compelling reason to start blogging, I don’t know what is.

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