Snow and Continuing Learning

I’m not wishing to be doom monger, but you must have noticed the number of snow shovels and amount of rock salt being sold in garden centres, garages, supermarkets, etc?

Well, it got me thinking that a) I ought to invest and b) this is an ideal time to be thinking about how you might use your learning platform/other technology to continue to provide pupils with some learning if the school closes.

I know that last year some schools made use of their online school notices to inform staff whether to report in or not, but wonder if now is the time for schools to consider extending this and informing parents and pupils as well as providing some worthwile activities for the pupils to do?

So, briefly, here are some ideas:

  • Have a parents page on the Learning Platform/website/School Twitter account to keep them informed of closure.
  • Have some of your current topic/theme on the Learning Platform for pupils to complete.
  • If you don’t have an LP, set tasks via email and have them submit something- a presentation perhaps? Or maybe your website has a blogging facility? Some do.
  • Make best use of your subscription services such as Education City, I Am Learning, J2E, Purple Mash, etc.
  • Encourage your pupils to blog during their enforced absence.
  • Usr the LP’s in-built Video Conference facility to keep in touch with each other- staff and pupils.

I’m sure there are others ideas floating around the city. Feel free to comment and suggest yours.

I’ll leave you with this link, from last year,  and a thought that maybe a little time invested in having your current topic partially available online might be worthwile.. or maybe a generic, ‘Snow Closure’ area for the school?

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