Flip Cameras

Flip Cameras have been a favourite of mine for a while now- see this link for my thoughts on the CLC website.
However, it seems that Cisco, the owners of Flip are going to pull the plug and it will soon be no more. Doubtless they’ll be stocks available for a while, but what will replace it at around the same price?
Well, the Kodak Playsport or Zi8 looks like  good contenders, ( the Zi8 looks a tad expensive though).  I wouldn’t bother with the HD version for the vast majority of curriculum use.

The JVC Picsio also seems a decent buy too according to the reviews on Amazon- where the links will take you.

The Kodak gets 5 stars in the May edition of Stuff Magazine and the JVC 4.

If you come across another, pop a comment down and let us know.

The Kodak is also avaialble from Tag Learning for £99- HD version (and schools might find ordering from them easier than Amazon) and they also have the Digital Blue Snap Video Camera at £84 and the Veho Muvi at £74

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